Eyes shut like praying for wonders

Sweetly deep kissing as if munching jellies…

My neck was cold from his ice melting touch

My breathe was steaming hot atop his nostrils

I dare not lie I dint want it

When my whole body arched all around him

We gave no notice neither did we blink a thought

I just found my lips enveloped in his

While I was gnashing my teeth for his tongue already

Slow slippery kisses turn rock music

Played by our hurrying jaws

My lips have never known such serenade

I could feel the balletic toes of my hormones

To the orchestra of luminous passion burning in me

That made me throw my pride in the Nile


……….not only my pride but my shame

Was incensed out of me as I felt my straps slid down

Orchard leaves and the crawling serpent

Would make my room into the Garden of Eden

Where bare I behold my creator

As only an eclipse would dawn this moment on me



My back pinned to the wall, my legs stroked his pelvis

My shoulder nibbled his chest

I buried my face in his broads

To bite his tiny nipple as if crunching some cookie

The crumbs sprinkled on me

That served him some snack on my two balloons

A tune of pleasure escaped my throats

Not knowing which to yearn for

Either some molecule of air or the more of him

The latter was fulfilled on a journey down my lower limbs

My navel couldn’t be rescued from the erotic wheel

Oh! I wished for nothing more

Than how intense he gripped my bony waist

My femoral space testified to his rigidity

Hot, strong, and truly African

I could swear it clamping my walls in an instant…..


We were twinned like budded plants

On a flight to the hard pounce of the bed

To begin action


One gasp! I was drowning in my sweat

5litres would be the exact volume

Of what I streamed off my face

Holy shit!

The #400 petrol couldn’t last me the fantasy

The fan must have stopped rolling from

The second scene of my movie

I found my Man.U jersey yanked on the rug

As if something truly went down

My palasa Samsung duos whistled that annoying low battery tone

Kelly Rowland still played “Motivation” on my dying laptop

Who listens to such song on repeat

While editing the second chapter of a catastrophic project journal

About the umpteenth time

I must have tranced into the sensual dream

To comfort myself of the fifth year hell in the Unitech

Microsoft word revealed the gore of my reality

As the cursor blinked on an italized highlight of “Methanolic extract of Bridelia Micrantha”

That was nothing short of an eclipse

In the horrific Ogbomosho sun……



Someone really needed to be there on campus weeks after i wrote this post and the winks i got as one hell of a sensual writer. Don’t i love the feeling?


I am on my way to the COMMENT BOX now with my robe going loose…Who wants to join me???


Photo Source:- Google Images

Love you from head to toes



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