“SELFIE” according to Oxford online dictionary means “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.



While further stressed by Wikipedia as “usually flattering and made to appear casual (note this word).


Most SELFIES are taken with the camera held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror.” More online tips and study about SELFIE being the most popular social media term usually emphasized with a hashtag now made it an appropriate word in the newly revised English dictionary. (no be small matter)



Even if I burst on here without the definition of SELFIE, I trust my socially inclined readers (awon temi lori instagram) will roll smoothly with me. I’ll love you to vest a bit of your attention into my own whole idea about SELFIE.


It happened that I became a pro SELFIE photographer since I live the loner kind of life with no friends around to possibly take me a picture. Don’t be surprised that all of my pictures you will come across are SELFIES hence I would say that one’s personality is a key point in the SELFIE gallery. Unlike a person with flock of friends and activities, he/she will never be sparse of events that will make him/her take pictures. You can deduce that from Instagram pages of some peeps.



I will say again in addition that one’s mood at a particular point in time is a spice in the sauce of SELFIES >>> the phlegmatic me usually buried in my confines tend to flip to some type of mood and I just take a shot. That dominates my IG page. You ever sat to envision what you would be looking like in some years to come and just tap your camera for a reminder SELFIE. Our thoughts I believe is the mother that born the SELFIES we take.


SELFIE as an ordinary social media word with just a peripheral consideration if well divulged possesses its deep meanings.



That is to say that SELFIES are from within. Personality and mood discussed, now lets eat into the environmental factors of SELFIE. Now am beginning to sound like a GNS 307 tutor right? Lol.



Rare times when I creep out of my cyst, hit some of those fine fitted venues (You know na) a quick  SELFIE comes to mind. In some odd, rough and so not fine places, a SELFIE can happen too. You ever had to wait to grind pepper or buy meat from the market then you just click shutter a quick SELFIE to make an epic expression….. Beach, party halls, luxe décor hotels, a friend’s fine crib etc richly stir the mind for a SELFIE. The limitless science of SELFIE makes even an eatery toilet a suitable venue.



A SELFIE chiefly comes with intent. Why take a SELFIE??? There are gazillion reasons in the world for taking a SELFIE personally known to oneself and less understood by others but the sphere revolving cause for taking a SELFIE rings these words to mind “SHOW OFF.” It could serve the literary purpose of trying to impress one’s audience with the new stuff you’ve got; that’s when niggas bite their gold chains, hide their faces behind dollar mints, sit on their new cars, cover their face to flaunt their new Rolex watch, bare body photos spelling abs and tats, side angle shot displaying new haircut, bitten lips and wink the Korede way to tell’em ladies they are sexy too.


Cleavage spilling photos, mirror images of ladies to announce the new iPhone6, F**ck U sign to shine the cocaine white polished nails, sensual smile beneath the 24inches new human hair, booby photo with the gold pendant lost between, bikini shots of the hot inked body, dolly pout to say the lippie is Mac, pop-eye shot that the contact lens is hazel. I hope nobody is feeling funny about this? C’mooon mayne its what we all do and its fun.



What if God has been quick to minister that captivating part of your body to you, wont you just show it all off? Don’t tell me you don’t know that my bulgy pair of eyes is the charm that I catch y’all with. {winks} Have you ever seen a photo of me without my eyes lined black and all popped out into your nose. I grew to know myself this fair so I found my area of calling on any black piece of clothing and there I go!




Personality, mood, environmental factors and intent as the vertebra of SELFIE already crushed from my own perspective, okay now let see what tips has for us. We know them already self.



*Feature Focus – This is still coiled with the intestine of intent (show off) that is emphasizing that spectacular asset you’ve got right?



*Expression –You can convey a million and one information about you via just a SELFIE while endless perceptions and thoughts can be gathered about you from the viewers’ end through your SELFIE picture. (admiration and envy)



*Natural Look – Remember when I told you to note the word “casual” yea? This is what I am talking about. Being casual is the main arterial blood supply of a proper SELFIE. Sorry I had to go all medical on you to best explain that keeping one’s outlook absolutely casual and natural makes it a SELFIE. (now you get?)


This will have me to confess to you that i totally lack the skills for the Toke Makinwa kind of makeup which all girls wear now. That explains for the nude face i have in almost all my instagram pictures. But you know what??? That’s what we call a TRUE SELFIE. World most popular SELFIES from research were really natural photos not all the kacked up stuff. Casual is the blood of a SELFIE it brings it to life!



*Photo Bomber – Some crunchy raisin in the dough of SELFIE is the impact of a Photo Bomber. We all know who these people and things are (cos an object can photo bomb you too). Imagine you all swagged and pouted with hot attitude, only to find out your neighbour or your silly friend actually peeked in your camera lens or somebody unintentionally just made a face that turned out funny. You ever snapped that dope 1000 IG likes worthy photo and just found some lifeless object lying beside or around you.  Jeeeeez! In the end it makes it all fun. I photo bomb people too with a ugly tongue-out or a pop-eye. You do it too. You yes You!!



*Photo Edit and Filter – Yes we all agreed to the casual nature of a SELFIE nobody wants it too plain, ordinary or uneventful. That’s why we use smartphones with those photo apps I think. Once you get that photo, a little touch of filter to excite it and create an expression for it. You sure know whats next……..Upload and let the double tap roll in baby!



*Caption and Hashtags – You can make your expression verbal with your caption (either long or short) while the hashtags are fantastic friends of selfies too. You can hashtag anything baby (yea i said so!)



Enough said about SELFIE bruh. Now let me welcome you officially (after my SELFIE 101 lecture) into my world of SELFIE on instagram. Beware the photos might be ravishingly infectious……Enjoy!


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PS – You can see my instagram handle winking at you on those pics, brother all these ones no be just to flash my yellow mtn face ooo (make we forget grammar abeg!)

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