I shunt tears and shot fear
I fought to dare, I long to be near
unto greater rare – far from despair
where it is real fire and not much liars
where it will be clear with serene air
where I will soar and no troubles shall roar
I hear how well have I prepared???
I know only the greatness in me I wanna declare
on the land of green where my ink shall never disappear
from a mere crumb stone unto the mount where I shall be raised higher.


Forth I voyaged, long after the hazy night
Moma’s secret sobs couldn’t hold me back – neither my crippy little fright
all I saw through the dark foggy tunnel road of dawn was a tiny light
that’ll blink me through the rugged path till the beautiful flight



I sweat hard and strain tough, nothing compares with the epic mosquito bite
I kneel to pray that my feet be ordered right
against thorns and thick hoovering over my glorious sight
I found me a thread-line to tie my fortnight kite
smiling up above at my stars that are twinkling bright
only for the descent of rains beginning to prickle me from its far heights…



Just how they say shit just got real!
daily bread came fitted in a tux of peril
almost seeming as my wits were surreal
I stay pretty at bay while smiling through the drill
truly it is the sea of wonders – fishes are ready to thrill
yet i aim to ascend from my lone cave unto a mighty hill
let the face of my bruises be powdered to heal
neither my soul savour any incense of ill
nor my dinning of thoughts be void of meal

I ask if my pulse was in your purse, how would you feel?

PS – City full of yellow cabs and sky scrapers, believe me a lot goes down the drain when job hunting in Lagos! Abi i lie? Enter BRT into the COMMENT BOX lets relate.

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Love Always



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