I can tell you categorically in Oga at the top‘s voice that it only costs a mere shilling to take you to the Cultural Centre, Mokola, Ibadan.


Low-cost transportation and minimal rate of nerve pricking traffic situation unlike Lagos makes Ibadan a land for many to dwell in untampered peace of mind.


After all this said, do you still want to know how much the taxi took me to the popular Mokola roundabout? This area is like the major organ of the body of Ibadan where endless chain of commercial activities go down.


Mokola is also a transit point from where you can reach any destination of your choice in the city.



Ok. I will tell you that it was just a #50 Okada that took me up the hill side of Mokola where the Cultural Centre had long been seated since 1977.



The people wey sabi as he dey go for town (including myself) usually refer to the Cultural Centre, MOKOLA as Ori oke.” That is the hilltop of drenching fun.


Cultural centre mokola


Ina straight” Amala joint is around the corner while the rest of the spread sheet of land of the Cultural Centre,

Mokola is an assembly ground for lavida loca kind of enjoyment. Every other guy goes there to to down shots of spicy herbal slush (jedi).

An executive gymnasium is housed around there too.



Mr Akinola Akintunde, the public relations officer of the Cultural Centre, Mokola served me a dropdown of events that take place in various halls that glorify the centre.


Art exhibition and drama performance, public and internal lectures, the student literature filmshow and an excursion route through the gallery therein.


Cultural centre mokola






The Cultural Centre, Mokola as i earlier stated has been in existence since 1977 before the birth of Oyo state from the Western states.


Cultural centre mokola



There are different functioning departments that uphold the Cultural Centre,Mokola:-

▪ Administrative Department

▪ Performing Art Division

▪ Visual Art Department

▪ Theatre and Management Division
(in charge of halls and tarmacs)

▪ Planning, Research and Statistics Department (in charge of visitors)



The University College Hospital (UCH), Premier Hotel of Ibadan are more popular locations that surround the Cultural Centre, Mokola, Ibadan



To say all this isnt a lie, drop by there sometime too. Tell me of another place you’ld love me to tell you about in the COMMENT BOX.



I have become unexcusably outgoing, follow my blog for first hand info of the next place.




Cultural centre mokola


Cultural centre mokola







Love Always!





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