Bay Leaf


“How does the brain function without food?” I turned to google for answers when all I actually needed was food and not any of the scientific proofs and facts about the digestive system that was staring back at me. I did not have to read from the web result of my ridiculous search to know that I won’t be able to comprehend anything without food at that moment.

As far as I was concerned, the only function my brain could serve at that moment was to think of the quickest place to get food around Igbo Efon, Lekki/Epe Expressway. Not just any kind of food, I desired quite a relishing meal.

My dying wish was granted at Bay, Leaf located at Block 2 & 3 Plot 7, beside Eti-Osa Local Government Secretariat, Lekki-Ajah Expressway and guess what, I lived again!!!

I was attracted to the horticultural layout at the entrance of Bay Leaf where the signboard reads: ‘eat in & take out,’ then I knew in mind of minds that that was where the remedy to my brain functionality lies. (please don’t call me a foodie) On stepping in, another conclusion dropped in my mind that all eateries irrespective of the size must portray a sense of aesthetics. This would not only attract you to patronise, but also provide you with a depth of comfort while you eat. Don’t forget pictures are part of the plan too.


Bay Leaf

The ambience of Bay Leaf began to have an impact on my brain functionality even before ordering for my food. It’s quite a beautiful small space painted in white and other colourful wall designs. I found a group of 5 people munching on different kind of dishes and a few more people joined as I settled in. I used a quick picture of what a small get-together would look like there while I made my order.

Bay Leaf

Their bold menu list on the wall assured me that I won’t tear my pocket over lunch, the fine looking attendant appeared with my meal and I suspended further thoughts from coming till I was done devouring.

Bay Leaf


I must say that their meal is quite tasty but minutes after seeing my turkey torn to bones, my brain clicked that the attendants were just two in number. That seemed fine but might not cater well to the number of hungry customers they have coming in. The two staffs were not dressed uniformly either. If we can’t have more than a twin staff for understandable reasons being that the establishment is new, can they at least be dressed in a way we won’t confuse them for fellow hungry buddies?

Bay Leaf

The nice bloke of an attendant handed me their flyer and I was surprised not to find any social media profile of the business on it. Pardon me, do we still have any business establishment in the catering category without the least of an Instagram page these days? Reason also turned out to be because “they were just starting up.” What should you start up first even before renting a space??? Wawu!!!


Let me state again that I enjoyed the meal and would drop by there another time, I want to believe that their social media absence is only temporary. The good news is that they are located in a prominent spot in a business district. (that explains the population of customers) At least they have an active phone number and email address for deliveries and enquiries. The essence of social media profile(s) is to make business easier for them anyway.

The satisfying plate of fried rice, jollof rice, turkey, plantain, coleslaw and water I had was N2,350. Thank God I didn’t have to pull a gun on anyone to survive.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf


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