Do you have passion for this job……?

Sa’eedah don’t worry it will happen!
-Ladayo Bodunrin

Babes my introduction is in August.
Come pick up your aso ebi.

I can’t be emotionally available anymore. Babe move on!
-Xtrovert Davinci

C’mon i thought you were the eldest of these girls. I am disappointed.
-Dapo Dara

Trust in God and be careful out there.

What are you up to now?
-Facebook peeps

C’moon big girl like you.
-Clothe Sellers

What do you intend to do after Nysc?

Have you gotten a place?

Babe what’s going to become of us?

Whoever begs God doesn’t beg a man. Be prayerful!

I love what you are doing with yourself. Keep knocking.
-Haq Otaru

Don’t fuss over being broke sis. You will be fine.
-Cousin (Wale)

I see you are really balling in Lagos!
-Snap Fam

Anty Sa’eedah you have not sent my airtime.
-Jumoke (lil couz)

I need you to review this article for me pls.
-Insta Fam

Naso she go dey talk one by one.
-Small Doctor

No wonder you sound mature.
-Mr. Ben

Pick a Saturday already.
-Mummy Muhammed

Whao you look 19!
-Joy Essien

Taking care of you is key.

You look bigger in pictures.

Lamide, all this effort will pay off.
-Shade Seriki

You shall find favour as you proceed.
-My Aunty

I think you are arrogant.
-Dapo Hassan

Sa’eedah you know you have always been independent.

Keep doing that stuff you are doing.
-Anty Medi

You can never be fat in your life.
-Anty Tinwa

You need to add more flesh.
-Ibrahim (Brother)

Do you smoke?

Anty Sa’eedah “come and take me out.”

See your life, you don’t have a boyfriend.

You are one hell of a happy soul.
-Ovia Reflex

Don’t stop for any minute.
-Funmilayo Iyaafin

I like your vibez and focus babe.
-Demola Idowu

You dey do anyhow shey you know? but you na my sure babe any day!

I like you because you don’t form.
-Tun Show

See how tiny you are.

So you can speak Yoruba!!

You are beautiful you know?

This girl is well informed.
-Dapo Dara

I pray they retain you in Sound City.

You’ve got cute eyeballs you know?

Walahi bomb dey your head!
-Ladayo Bodunrin

I look forward to your global acceptance Sa’eedah.
-Pastor Kunmi

Babe you should consider taking photography courses.
-Ladayo Bodunrin

I know you will always be fine.
-Xtrovert Davinci

Idiot why will you get coffee flavoured ice cream?

Wassup babe, check out my first blog post.

I’m thinking of starting my own blog too.
-Boye Sanda

You are going to be one of the speakers for the sensitization.
-Taiwo Mimido

Hi pls what is the name of your cream?
-Facebook Girlfriends

Oremi oloyinbo!!!

You like to wear black too much.

This my black eye photo is dedicated to you.
-Biola Brown

Tobi is dead.

Pls help me compose a broadcast message.
-BBM Contact.

I respect your orientation.

Keep grinding steady.

Eleba why you no invite me come beach?

You are in my prayers.
-Dami Bright

You are just too complex.

That killer smile you got.
-Lade Lawal

Let’s make money.

I know your crazy ass got me.
-Yori Akeju

You talk with wet eyes….
-Anty Isabella

You should take more media courses outside the country.

Did you observe your fast today?

You can snap picture for Africa!

Don’t get emotional about life.

Is it that you just read any junk kind of book?
Funmi Televista

Thanks darling you are a superb cleaner.
-Anty Isabella

I’m inviting you for my house party babe.
-Tolu Ige

Mama do normal naa!!!
-Waiter #1

Sa’eedah i need you to help me with a title for this post.

Sister you are very lively ooo!
-Taxify Drivers

Go check her ugly eyebrows.

You look finer without makeup you know.

Sa’eedah where you dey chop all this food put???
-Objay Madiba

Spare us your deep tweets abeg!

But you look like the clubbing type na?
-I call this lame

Why did you give him audience in the first place?

Come out of your shell i’ld love to meet you.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

What do the roman figures on your hand mean?
-Big Tak

Where else do you have tattoos?
-Tola Jinjah

Girlfriend where are we going this weekend na???
-Rafiat Bisodun

Oh really! So you are a muslim.
-I get that alot

You don’t look like Yoruba.
-Oga Micheal

See all your photos for google.

Don’t ever miss your solat.

I will watch you from distance see how far you will go.
-Dapo Hassan

I know you are the only one that can relate to my thoughts.
Schboi Misfit

I’m proud to say it that my sister is the most beautiful.
Ahmad Imam

Yea I was low-key psyched about the new age, not about the number but my existence. I did well as usual to be unnerved about it but you need to hear the voices in my head….I call it ‘Quiet Noise.’

These words bear a weight in my life at this present age…the words have made me smile, cry and feel all sort of ways. Here I am wanting to hear more from you cos its my birthday……

Use the COMMENT BOX to tell me more lovies!

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3 thoughts on “QUIET NOISE

  1. Another masterpiece,that chronicles human daily encounters with different kind of people and their opinion about ones,suggestion and judgements.I dare say only people with great minds will understand this

  2. I can’t find an accurate adjective to qualify ur write ups,u simply favoured nd blessed(dn say so cos u r mi sis) jst be grateful to Allah…..he made u ds witty.bless Jah!

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