Head thrown aback in the cloud of cannabis

She glided her hip to the wall for help

With the creaking cries of the indecisive radio channels

Buzzing questions and assumptions in weird imaginary pictures

Yea it happened again!

Deeper kisses to the mold lips of marihuana

Curled smoke travel to the brains

To hit the replay button “how did it happen?”


Spine thrown hair, black eye makeup like the sorceress’

Scarlet arched lips, silhouette stride of laps

Body saying “Touch me”

Mind praying “Love me”

Music and merry, Fun and noise

Laughter and intoxication, booze and dance


All these were the prologue of the movie

Till the real scene shows the flying of shirts and panties

Hurriedly from the body to the floor

Jelly feast of chewing kisses

Magical yearning of touch like nothing ever existed

“Go eazy on me you have all night baby”

The next flight landing of backs to the bed

Till the hard bounce before shit got real


Then the thrust, the pounce

The hopping and screaming

Sweet lies, sweet words

Hate is the ‘F’ word

Love was the impression;- conveyed in lust

Climbed down the hill, climax at its peak

Eyes wide ope

There she leaned, against the wall……


Drugs, Rum, Music and Sex! Yea! that is the life we live as phrased in this piece. Hey! No possessive reference as y’all can see. Lets see how mature minds can connect on this. That was one out of my numerous imagination about sex. I can bet you’ve got more in your head *winks*


PS – I remember posting this piece on my blogspot site 2 years ago back then in the Uni when that, asides Physiology textbooks was all we knew (cover face) and to make matters worse i wrote it during Ramadan fasting. So you can imagine the demons flying inside of me then to have been thinking such stuffs during a supposed sacred month. (please laugh!) In the end, the post earned me some great comments regardless. *tongue out*

Oh well! there’s no fasting going on in any of our churches nor mosques now yea, you can as well relate this to your past or present thoughts and let me hear you out in the COMMENT BOX.


Photo Source:- Google Images


Love Always


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