TEARS OF THE WEIRD by Sa'eedah Imam


Why shout when Ziggy Marley still plays in the loud stereo

Why scream when the Creator hasn’t forbidden birds’ chirping

Why hurry when the heart still beats

Why hurt when swords are made to cut

Why fear when the flames not out

Why love when cupid carries an arrow

Why seek when the earth is boundless

Why count when time tarries not

Why swear when the skies will fall

Why heal when the potion is spilled

Why tremble when the clouds are far

Why sigh when the oceans are not torn

Why wrestle when a tickle does not prick

Why run when the whistle’s not blown

Why dare when the mind is a little might

Why wish when horses are priceless

Why age when grey is frail

Why pray when the horizon is yellow

Why smile when the sun is set

Why wait when the hourglass dances

Why merry when the brew’s hot

Why shy when the glass lies

Why sing when the demon adores harmonics

Why preach when on the wall its written

Why breathe when the day will dusk

Why rejoice when the moon will dawn

Why crave when coins are just steel

Why dream when blue makes the bed

Why hide when the rainbow is green

Why cry when it will rain….

Why do we fuss so much about this life that we are not going to leave alive?

I am siting legs-crossed and waiting for you in the COMMENT BOX to answer my many questions unless i wont go!

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Love Always



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