It ticks 23:00 in Nigeria, 17:00 in Tennessee, 18:00 in Michigan and in Ohio. While the yellow generator still wails helplessly at the back of the crib, instant message buzzes kept rainning in, new email alerts wont stop lightening at the same time new internet explorer tabs were refreshed – not leaving out the highlighted drafts on notepad waiting to be pasted…..


Quarter to rush hour! Last layer of the powder clayed on, blood red shimmering lipstick on its appropriate places, different shades of the eye-shadow artistically painted already, cocaine white acrylic finger nail pressed a shower of the body cologne. Curtains dropped, Leg out!


Its the end of official working days – the motto is TGIF! Up above seemed darker than usual cos the stars have been retrenched by grinning street lights and automobile head lamps; that is if anybody was looking up anyways. *shrugs*


Has Jesus revealed to anybody that He wouldnt be coming the second time on a Friday??? cos smoke from grills, fries and cigarette might not grant Him a safe descent. (lol) Even the ear -deafening disco sounds might want to compete with the trumpet sound. “Lord save us in this end time.”


Spare the scriptures the street is calling, night traffic is jamming! Red hot ladies are starting to file out from their covens in parade of sales.


11:45pm is the busy hour, cash screeching out from the machine. Hell Yea the town is in turmoil! Gate legs flanged open as machines cruise in the pub.


01:25am at the youngest of the morning, waists are already wasting to the loud music that liqour blares. The roof’s raising to the spell of anxiety casted upon the adults of the night. Buttocks wont pause to chant a certain name as  cash wont cease to spell its numbers.


Going naked in this crowd is not a rule,  scheming on this RED district will not cause any harm than it hasnt already.


Hop in the ride! The luxury is being paid for, flang across the rope – ecstacy too has a price.
Thrust and pant the rhythm is desirable, twist and bend – a climax is expensive.


Loan out the nights
The morning is yours
Tap your fingers – fantasy was the business.
Hub a handshake – as the deal is over


☆☆☆ Decipher this abstact with me its all about night life and red lights. A casestudy of two business experts; a male and a female. What is the transaction about??? I dont mind any narration or mental picture. The COMMENT BOX is blinking red for that to happen.


Anyone who is able to give exact titles to these two business experts has a #500 worth airtime recharge with me. (small small naso giveaways dey start).


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Love Always



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7 thoughts on “PAY AS YOU GO

  1. Who wouldn’t know this kind of business. It’s between a man and a commercial sex worker. Nice write up dear. Looking forward to more of your write ups. When am I receiving my recharge card pls? I use MTN ??

  2. If Babz missed it, then I’m wrong too but here’s my remix;

    Friday clubbing, dances, maybe stripping and strafing afterwards. Both went separate ways when done without attachments.

  3. Now that u have said it out loud I don’t think Jesus will come on Friday.
    By His grace He would be here on a Monday so he will see how hard working we Nigerian youths are

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