​Hey baby how was your day?

…She heaved out a sigh from millions of feet deep to search through the entire day she was been asked about for a response that will do the right justice…


Was it the anti-ejaculatory danfo (commercial bus) driver who after countless tots of shepe (alcoholic herbal concoction) and a rigorous hell of a day by the rugged wheels of his jalopy-make-money-by-force bus, pounded her like…


The day hasnt even gotten that badly when on his dabole agbada attire; pot belly thrift collector alarmed the whole yard of his arrival – only for him to drip off some seminiferous fluid in the latex sock too. He says “its one for the road.”


Still on the same day, the community known geek dropped by too after hours of being glued to a ponographic screen. He really needed more than a jerk off!


No talk about the day without mention of the unbelievable brother, loud preacher against immorality, serious advocate of abstinence; who crept through hidden corridors to make his way into her room for a quick servicing too. He looked up the skies after his last drop!


Farther gone in the long day’s journey, the psychologist came to mind too. He delivered explicit lecture about some parts of his body and how they should be touched before getting down to real business. Stress therapy was his topic.

My day was eeeerrrrmmmm >>>>>> the stuttering physically covered for the heaved sigh of thoughts…


Who dare forgets the landlord’s ear-yanking bang on the debtors’ doors for their due payment shortly before another noise took charge of the air for her to leave the baba alajo (thrift collector) alone cos him na customer dada!


Just in a day has been a hurricane
With many waters down the drain
Her only one life she calls it
Just this path she believes is to quick cash
Up down the mountain of thrust has been the pace to get her THERE
WHERE there could have been a path of slower hyms and blues
To sing unto the righteousness of achievements.


Yet there seems to be one sane guy on the other end of the phone who knows not a line in her story but just cares to know how his baby’s day went…



Your writer is not corrupt. Its just always a phase of life existing somehow, somewhere….either near you or not. Remember this page isnt about my lifestyle alone.


PS – If you have not by waka waka passed by a brothel before, you sure must have seen it in movies. No forming for me abeg. Just hit the COMMENT BOX to tell me is a lie make me and you come yarn am!

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Love Always


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