RING! RING!! My daddy’s sweet anticipation call had turned into nagging when after exactly 9hours i last called he hadnt heard my knock on his door. It was past the last islamic praying hour (that should be around 9pm), my old man sure must be yawning tiredly to sleep but his yellow pawpaw Sa’eedah hadnt showed up yet.


Yes my father is an Imam (islamic leader of a mosque). He lives and works in the National Mosque of Nigeria, Abuja.


He has the biggest type of hug on earth whenever he sees me after a usual long time. Awwn my daddy is ageing, grey has found permanent cushions on his head and chin. I saw why he needed to sleep so badly cos first thing 5am the next day, its his prayer cries that will wake the whole community.


The National Mosque is hugely seated  at the Central District Area of Abuja, not far from the popular Wuse market.

You can find the Silverbird mall as well as the Cedi plaza just around the corner as you behold. The Federal Ministry of Finance and that of Foreign Affairs amongst other essential venues surrounds the mosque.


Guess what??? Its just a few feet treck from my Daddy’s living room (makes it easier for me yea?) But no be only my papa dey stay there ooo!

The mosque’s large compound houses other Imams and officiating ministers.
A mini market is staged just behind the rows of offices in the abundance of the compound.

Variety of books, incense, rosary and other praying material are there, beautiful fabrics, Jalabia and Abaya dresses for the ladies are never out of stock. Groceries and every other daily needs too is at your finger reach.




The mosque was built in 1984 – long before i was born, yet the power house has never failed in supply of unblinking electrical voltage. Conference hall and Arabic preliminary school too is within. There cant be a place like that without a library of course!


PS – The gate arms flang open to non muslims too (except during congregational prayers). Drop by there any time you are in Abuja to sight see. Try to make it in the evening. Beautiful alone does not describe the place. You’ld love what you see!

View from the living room.

View at night

There goes my brother


National Mosque

……and this the fish view image i sourced from the web….



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Love Always



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