“Hello Omo Imam ibo ni won post e si”  (Hello Ms. Imam where were you posted to?) That was Olutobi in his conc Osogbo dialect asking where I was posted for my NYSC?  Olutobi was my nerve-close friend in the Uni, we hailed from the same place and had a world of ours as undergraduates. He was a calm and undisturbed person all through our days in the Uni. Yea Olutobi knew how to have fun but he was never noisy about it.


If you have read one of my posts titled ‘DAYS OF OUR LIVES,’ where I brought you on my journey to graduation, you will have an idea of how having a true friend during the end of my undergraduate years would mean. Olutobi and I shared a common goal.




If you have also been coming with me in this series too, you will remember how enthusiastic I was about getting my ‘CALL UP LETTER’ in the first chapter. The joy I knew at being posted to serve in Lagos state was boundless, the same way Olutobi felt when he told me in the conversation I started up there that he was posted to Delta state.



Olutobi was one of those Corp members you are so sure he would find his way to redeploy ni sha, I did not even bother to ask him if he was going to redeploy or not. I knew he would compulsorily have to go for the three weeks camp, then hop back to Lagos to continue the hustle.




He was on the path of setting up a record label and a clothing line he called ‘WHYEMCEE.’ Introductory letters and proposals to start up the company as authored by me are sobbing silently in my archives. Last I saw him was one of those midweeks I closed early from my place of primary assignment and dropped by his place. Olutobi was a believer of process and he appreciated each step we made in our lives.


He said to me on my way home that we would flourish, only for that call on the 17th of June, 2017 to announce the death of Olutobi to me! For a moment I gave up on everything I wanted to become, I mean why stress this much when we would still die – but then we cannot afford to give up the race and amount to nothing in life. Olutobi lived his short stay  prosperously, he touched lives in the best way he could and he did not leave without an impact.




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slowly as the blunt burnt you blew into the air that the world wasnt ready for us cos we taking over on a galloping horse it was a misty night in November a tale that my tears make me remember you said they would call it pride but we wouldnt mind they would call it ritual so far our feelings was mutual the way you'ld walk when you make more money the way i'ld smile when my cheese drips more honey the way you blurt when they said you were nuts you had my heart in despair in the past week when you stirred the air had i known you were fighting a battle if only i could stop your water as it rattled you touched the soul of every vital contact i prayed to the Maker that everything with you be intact you craved me to say something to you i borrowed the lips silence and wished non of this was true last i heard from you was that you were going to call me back till i heard you had taken off and would never come back with your bag of dreams hung on your shoulder you left all the memories behind for me to shudder Rest on Friend Proud to have reckoned with you #SaeedahImamPostedIt #SaeedahImam #RipTobi #Black #MovingOn

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This is to all Corp members who passed during the course of their Nysc. May God comfort their parents, families and friends.

On this note I will be ending my Nysc Diary series. I hope you enjoyed the journey with me? I have a fresh new series coming up, stay plugged with me.


If you missed any chapter in my Nysc Diary series, don’t be lazy to go back and read. You can check up some of my fiction series there too: IRONY OF FACES (another interesting one there)


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Love Always




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  1. You’re such a great friend who even has the time to write an article for your Late friend… That shows how true you are Sa’eedah… May Olutobi’s soul continue to rest in the Lord’s Bosom..

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