Love a bird; let it fly

its colours are the soaring wings

Love a leaf; let it shed

it rejoices as it swings off

Love the flag; let it rise

its strength’s in its height

Love the breeze; let it dance

Vacuum love its endlessness too


Imprisoned without shackles

Hostaged without walls

Locked without safe

Sealed without lid

Bounded without ties

Charmed without spell….

How more can a soul be spellbound?

….to my “Paminku” ladies and my “Akinyele Loya Alagidi”



PS – If you speak Yoruba a bit well like i do and has listened to one of Asa‘s tracks titled Bamidele, i’m sure you can relate… This was written to every guy and girl out there who is applying an extra unit of pressure on this thing we call “love” I believe it should come free and natural.

or what do you think? (Don’t be shy to use the COMMENT BOX too if you are the paminku or the Akinyele type. lol)


Photo Source:- Google Images


Love Always


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