​A cold stone that will numb my worries
A hot coal that will burn at touch
A crystal ice that will melt before i blink
A lone doll that i will snuggle in slumber
An hour glass that will dance in the swift of time
A string of the guitar that i shall sing in melody of hope


A red tulip – the colour of my fussing blood
A bright smile to wear for life
A pearl white to mask my tears
A quilt to lay on my bed of wishes
A gold bullet to shoot at the stars
A white garment to sweep me off my feet of sins
A grain of wisdom worth more than metals


A circus ring for my thoughts and I
A compass that points North
A map of the land of vision
An inked pen to write my chronicles of survival
A magical wand to whirl my desires alive
A basket of incense to spray my way to dreamland
A splatter of fun to forget my fears
A yarn of memories to muse over my long days



A goblet of grace to drink from in dismay
A tray of dough to relish my soul
A pair of dice to bet for luck
A leaf in the story book of romance
A ticket to watch a scary movie
A wall clock to behold my time of glory
A crown of bronze to sit on my will
A cart wheel to take me away from here
A binocular to see how much farther


What do i buy with the silver coin?


PS- This was a post to wish me happy birthday at this big age. I have set up an altar in the COMMENT BOX to share testimonies with you of how glorious the journey has been. By now you can tell how old your yellow pawpaw is *cover face* Will you tell me how old you are too? lol (i know the boys wont). Just use the box to share whatever you have in mind.


My birthday was 30th August by the way (for belated gifts or in areas for next year).


Subscribe to my blog, drop your birthday dates in the COMMENT BOX. You never can tell what i have in stock for you *winks*


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Love Always







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One thought on “SILVER COIN

  1. Re: Silver Coin
    Happy belated silver Jubilee anniversary. I guess I got the It right this time. My birthday is august 28. Virgo Babies!

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