The theme for another day is another hustle
That is for a man with full bars battery of hope
A man with yet contracting muscles to pull it through
The theme is further peculiar to a mobile man, a man on his two feet that can truly walk on hot pebbles and thorns called “hustle….”
Say more of such man; a man that can bargain, a man that can transact
Also, a man that can dialogue
A man with expectations……



Young shall grow they say to agile kids
Long life and prosperity is the memory chant for birthdays
Oh how beautiful to watch a child grow!
So gifted with live and charged with energy
The willingness at his finger tips, the strength carved within his fists
Dangling gems of youthfulness tied to his wrist
Sex and vivid allure playing around his loins
So much for the charming encounter of growth…..



That he shall live this day – achingly prayed the weary
That the chains of infirmity be broken asunder is the sole and no other wish of the sick
That his base be shifted from the stagnant bed to his own locomotive feet too
Who heard the loud groan diminish into weak whisper yearnings of slow pain
Tears are crippled to stroll down
As even air is being borrowed to breathe
The clock stroke faintly ticking till the last one…



Verily they prayed him long life – and so it was
Grey has splattered its grains all over
Wrinkles have finally patterned the once smooth skin
Sweet scent of memories lingering its last drop of incense
A mere morsel has become stronger than his grip
All he can hear is chirpings from the grave
For all he can envisage is his body lowered the ground…..


-To the diseased and aged…..

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Love Always





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