In the mirror RED was as a perfect complement
I could see countless sparkles of dynamite as the sultry dress cutely clung to my body
A little inch before kissing my knee caps i swear again “i’m pretty
The blood in my veins reminded me of the echoes of danger they scream about RED
that exactly how hot it is; it truly does hurt!
Oh my! Whispers from RED matte lips runs through like ignited potion, as a venom of serpent or a sweet drop of oil



Drapes of ORANGE cotton compete with the sunlight above
The power of its radiance cannot be kept a secret
The heat of its feel burns and soothes
Nearness unto it is pleasure
Distance from it is wisdom
Void of it is nakedness



YELLOW flowers at dawn fear to die by dusk
The butterfly in my palm hurries to fly away
The gold stroke in my timepiece runs faster than my heartbeat
The spread of sun atop my head is hellbound
A spell is casted before magic
Its a lot of strain to crunch a grain…



The land is GREEN, my hopes are alive!
The world is revolving – where i stand it waits for noone
I hunger for speed – i dread to crash
Fast cars and flying crafts
I want to touch the sky
But a leap is breath-taking



Heaven is BLUE each new day
Promises rain down when the clouds are gathered
Victory is assured when the ground is wet
Yet wonders dont happen with folded arms
Success asks for so much sweat
Breakthrough is apparently from a struggle



INDIGO and VIOLET came paired in same fabric
I realised that was confusion in a twin goody bag
My fingers are eager to touch the flicker
It is a rain of fantasy, i know by reality i would be drenched
Too good to be true, not bad to be real neither


Whichever thing life is called but a bed of roses
Might just be an aisle of thorns instead
Why has a coin two sides – i ask?
I’ld rather the head and know no thing about the tail


Just as the RAINBOW knows better to have loved the storm
Not to make the sky mourn the fading of the horizon…


The choices we make are the risks we take
the loss we suffer
the bricks we mount
the routes we plough
the fun we enjoy
the happiness we relish
the regrets we deny
the events that happen
the actions that make us
the decisions that break us
the thoughts that haunt us
the unity that binds us
the ties that stray us
the memories that keep us
…..and the journey of our lives.



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Love Always


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4 thoughts on “RAINBOW GARMENT

  1. biggest choice perhaps is deciding to try this thing called celibacy…perhaps hardest temptation after UNi and not doing internet scamming (Yahoo Yahoo)..2 weeks more and job well done still going strong

    • Hello JL, those (2) were really hard choices to make in this buzzing world of fun and lots. OG no be ordinary perzun!!!? Sorry i had to make a laugh out if. So how are you now? I’m sure you re enjoying the choice. ?

      I appreciate you.


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