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Shade called me that night sounding as if she had wallnuts stuck in her cheeks. I was like “wetin do you, shey you don get bele ni?” She responded with a concise YES! (she’s usually too blunt to joke around.) I believed her on the instant and since then it began!



I barely waited 6weeks to begin troubling for what the sex was. I swore he/she would be yellow yellow pawpaw like my bestie Shade.


I began assuming other names Shade would give him asides OLUFELA that she had long prophecized since our IJMB days (2008). I imagined if he would look like Shade with the plenty hair line and swollen lips. I was scared for him not to be orobo like Shade’s younger sister. Lol



I woke her up about every morning like:-
Babe how he dey do you?
How do babies kick?
How does it feel to be heavy?
Infact how you and your husband do am sef???



One night, Shade came to open the gate for me with her balloon tommy in my face – i wanted to run back!

I touched her stomach at rare times to feel the pressure.

I still wasnt used to her status when we slept on the same bed and threw my legs around as usual (she just chased me to the floor jeje).



I did not get tired of buying “dodo’kire” and “akara ogbomosho” for her each time i visited. I know those stuffs help to fight nausea.

I did well avoiding her spiting can for the whole period though she was decent about keeping it too.



Hot sunday afternoon of 25th October 2015.… “Hello Lami (clip short of Lamide my second name) i don born oooo! Like now now!!” I felt fly for being the first set of people she called as bestie regards. (Before nko)



He was christened Jamal Olufela Olamide omo Seriki (i must add the Olamide). His 40days outing ceremony was blessed with abundant puff puff.

He was tiny and breakable. I carried him with all the care in the universe. He was fair skinned with sleek hair as predicted. I took about 1million pictures of him but still couldnt get enough.



In less than a week of his birth i opened his instagram page and posted pictures of him as he grew. Shade has been quite bouyant with the pictute sharing.






Thanks to Shade, little man has taken rapt of my phone gallery, everyone thinks i have a kid hidden somewhere. My instagram page looks like it too.








Jamal at 1! He has grown into a free spirited playful thing, yet yellow as from day one (pardon me i think i’m a racist)


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Y’all go follow my curly-hair-cute-yellow-raisin on IG:- @prettyboyjaemie. I want him to grow to the memories of his sweet self in pictures. Before i know it he will be all tall to my nose that time he would snatch his admin rights from me.



PS – You have a  baby, niece or nephew (niece please! So we can start match-making) Tell me about him or her in the COMMENT BOX.

The idea of little ones having Instagram pages is not bad afterall.


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Standing Pretty😍

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Love Always













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