Hell yea i was bruised!
so badly i wanted to leave
holding on to nothing
but the fallen leaves of mockery
seeing through my thick dew of tears
the gore in your throat as you spelt the hurl
your fangs have pierced to my marrows
i bled to hopeless clot
at the instant i swore you were another loss
same how the pirates never looked back



Lo i wallow in my broken iceberg
just a little tip of sweetness –
and so the ashes want it all dragged back
my ticking compass had long died in the West
rumpled map sheet blurred not much places to go
than to limb back into your eyes
to see the auburn horror
dripping cold flames for me to make my pace
i saw your claws in my soul
and watched how it shredded






My thoughts fail me as my beast turned
my senses ran to the exile of where my ugly was
in the sheer spin of time it was born
only not christened to behold its ruins
fallow in the mud i laid
i heard distant voices it was Christmas
i saw how far i’d gone
out of the castle of happiness i laboured to build
echoes of my sobs scare me
as  nothing felt more errisome



The hollow boasted of its voidness
all of you that watered life unto me
said to me that it had all ceased
i thirsted for a drop
just to quench your burning memories
i yearn in feeble grip of your arms
you slid off me into a slow tunnel
where i iced my tears and drank it
where i roasted my regrets and munched it
where i lost hope of ever hearing from you



Truly the autum leaves have fallen
but i do not think you are the reason for it…



PS – You dont have to listen to so much of Chris Brown and Rihanna like me to know that this is a heartbreak something. lol

Have you ever been heartbroken, worse still you shouldered all its cause? If YES tell me in the COMMENT BOX and how you lived through it. If NO i hope not.




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I love you really truly!








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One thought on “AUTUM LEAVES

  1. I feel like heartbreak is something every human should go through and survive, to make them appreciate their sanity more, and understand life and the lemons it throws at us. Oh yes I have been there, but guess who bounced back and got better? Yes, same me.

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