If your skull can house my brain
need i pay you rent?



If my pant can fit your thighs
ask me how hot you look?



If my balls can jingle your bell
ring the alarm!!!



If my eyes can show you your soul
how about being your mirror?



If my words can make you stir
how would you like my tongue served your lunch?



If my shoulder can soak your tears
a pillow is of no use you know?



If my garment can sweep you off your feet
brooms might be a waste



If my lips can seal your thoughts
you should trash your safe box



If my truth can grip your wisdom
lets preach to the world



If my voice can prick your veins
lets save guitar for the rockstar



If my wall can raise your roof
paint your porch white



If my whistle can wiggle your dog’s tail
throw away your rope



If my lamp can shine your hut
stop winking in the dark



If my strength can mold your fist
dare a wrestler!



If you find my doors are opened
walk in without pride



If you reach my arms at midline
hold me till the end of the plane



If my hook catches your eye
be free to cling



If my pace makes your race
my legs are yours to run



If my time ticks your clock
lets go on a date



If your shoes are size 9 like mine
rock me your brogues



Yea maybe i am that type of friend
Mayb you are that type of friend too……




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Love Always!






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