Loud cried the cock – the dawn is born!!!
fogs began to pave way for the skies
It is the revelation of a new day
‘for the moon has long gone into hidding
the sun would christen the new morning – dressed in a long flowing yellow garment



From the death of slumber we respire a new live
wide awake to the world that we left thick dark when we bid “goodnight”
The reality of our existence is shown clearer again
the purpose of our breathe per ticking seconds is put to work again
the race for survival is whistled again
…..cushion of living we struggle to grace
Hill top of steaming succes we sweat to climb
……the thirst for wealth
the hunger for riches
the whirlpool for breakthrough…



Just a stitch in time barely saves nine now
cos time just bought a new aircraft
fast flying above our dancing kites of wishes
this hasty guy i mean to say waits for no-one



….and  before a blink
he has walked in on us
clad in velvet tux
soon he’ld introduce his half brother “Night”
who is impatient to hear how quickly the day grew grey
he says “you can see them twinkle little stars are quite eager to shine…”


Here in the dim i sit
hearing the sleepy whispers of ‘Mya
goddess of hope prays our lamp never blows off….


To everyone, my few friends and I yet wandering in the gloomy tunnel of the way foward

Behold the stage is set for our glory.

Photo Source:- Google Images

Love Always





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