Sha’aban smiled me a mail at my door

Whoooa! It was a half moon

Behold its glow – like the eyes of Allah

If well I imagined….

Yay I knew my wishes would effervesce in its beauty to reality

…..and that which I longed I would touch

In my hut amid hay i laid

Unto the creator on my kneels I prayed

That my heart be cleansed and my soul be blessed

Crystal as dove, may my worship soar on high….




The sun adores the horizon at twilight

As the stars dance on the pretty dark sky

All of its glitter non compare to my jewel

No secrets in the jazz of light played all over my body

Neither behind my smile is a place to hide

I dangle in silver and bronze from my head to toes

The pain in the piercing is pure, the coins on my wrist is priceless

On my ears are the rings that blink to Eden

In my spirit’s the key that shunts hurts

… in my hut is the lamp of peace…

Salam brother!




Kiss my head – your breathe is warm

Hold my hand – your palm is soothing

Whisper to me i’ll say Amen!

See in my eyes – the sun is above

Be by me – the dawn is young

May I touch your feet that my sins may swim

May I pray your name for in your arms I throb

Would you raise my veil for in your glory I behold

Shall I spin on my tips – by your adornment my waist is graced

oh yea my human maker!



With heart full of love I want to sprinkle from my wrists into your gadgets all of the wits i got within and tell you what? Don’t stop praying to God – love will surely come your way. Rather I stop here else gazillion butterflies will gush out of me.


PS- I am waiting for you in the COMMENT BOX lovers!



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Love Always






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