There’s NOTHING in this world, NOTHING!!! (i repeat thrice more) that can compare to the epic mosquitoes of Nathan street – Ojuelegba area of Lagos as i earlier stated HERE.

Those blood suckers dont frigging care about your skin texture nor colour as i con even be yellow pawpaw like this so.



I had on this night already wrapped my quilt of fate around me (na my aso’bora i dey talk ooo) to succumb into the misery slumber of bites. Eventually, i have even grown thick skin.


Not up to an hour gone enough for my snoring to start competing with the mosquito humming; Sa’eedah! Sa’eedah!! Anty Tinwa patted me on my not-so-big buttocks to wake up. She told me to get dressed that we were going out. I would rather cheat on my sleep that the mosquitoes were concubines with already.



Anty Tinwa; pardon my manners is my long time adopted sister (with full consent of my parents) whom i stayed with in Lagos for a while. She told me it wasnt any serious outing (we actually havent ever made it to none before). *hiss* So i just pulled out one of my oversized boyfriend sweaters, a ripped jean, my flat slippers and was good to go before i could pause to ask where we were headed.


She had me hopped in the car with my face even un-made and responded as she fired the ride that we were off to the Afrika Shrine. Oh! I saw why applying makeup wasnt important. (much unlike her)






I slept all the way till light from other headlamps woke me up. Last i checked it was past 12 in the night but it felt just as though it were 3pm active afternoon there, only that the sky was dark.


I knew where we were, smoke from suya and other things did not suprise me – neither whichever kind of face i saw there.



Afrika Shrine is located in one of the lungs of Agidingbi area of Lagos in Ikeja district. Lagos state secretariat – Alausa, Coca Cola bottling company of Nigeria, Eko fm cum Ltv (Lagos Televison) and the Ikeja city mall are more popular sites in the area.

I knew that geographical science by heart cos i have gone there more times after the other night. Much thanks to the great FRCN days.



Legendary fact has it that the fun shelter was founded by late Fela Anikulapo Kuti‘s son, Femi Kuti in year 2000.



Countless events had taken place therein as i am made to believe that it is still the best venue for artistes’ appreciation concerts. (Wizkid had his there, Reekado Banks too) Felaboration ceremony in memory of the late legend from there reaches the tv screen where i get to watch.



Entry at any time of the day is at no cost at all. Isnt that just fantastic! Food and drink at rather low cost had always been my reason for going back there. It was my second lunch LOCATION while i was in the FRCN school (Mutiat can relate). She enjoys sipping plam wine there, the skushies there is topnotch (this is an info for the #Learners)



Above all, the ugly beauty of the place oddly seems to serve as a home for some Lagosians. I always see that everytime i go there in the night.


Afrika Shrine hence remains a tourist attraction! Dont forget how welcoming i told you the place is.


Find your way there if you havent been there before, buy an art piece or two, pick up some nice fabrics, Fela Tshirts are up for sale too. Be thrilled to make it a date on an event day – whao yourself by the raw dance and musical display.
Indigenous customer care service is on the A there too.



In conclusion, blow some quality w**d.




PS – I wasnt paid for this. Its one of the PLACES i have been to that twitches my wrist to write. I wanna go there again!


Pictures below were from one of those nights with my girlfriend; NayoDiggs.
Sing, dance, blow trumpet into the COMMENT BOX tell me if you’ve been there before (tell me wetin you go do for there?) And if you havent i hope you have just stopped jonzing on the bicyle???

I got another box for you to follow my blog! Wont you love first hand gist about another nice place my moving train goes?




Photo Credit:- Nayodiggs





Lets go there!






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