Yea its a spaceship! Definately i am writing from about 73 miles above earth. How elevating does that feel?
Lets say i have been on some certain height – i just pray it gets higher than this. Can i get a nagging AMEN!!!


Definately you know all this swag i’m dripping on here is about 2016, and to see that it is standing elegantly like a pageant model in my title box beside spaceship calls for some seductive attention.


No time playing around it by stating how it started trust me it has started before i knew it; but not that it caught me totally unaware. All i meant to say in here as fast as Twista’s rap song was how speedily 2016 rolled like a slideshow. I dont think i can even afford a monthly recap.



Sometime in MARCH i just found myself over the microphone in the live studio of Petals fm, Ibadan. Eheheh Kini mo wa de bi (wetin i find reach there???) It wasnt that bad, it must have been because i magically got myself to train at The ProEmcees Broadcasting Class of 2015 (omoh he don tey).


Pardon me to shun my excess humour this once and appropriately tag that period my “internship days at Petals fm” as part of the curriculum of the broadcasting institution i attended in Lagos (you can google The ProEmcees)


It was 3months of vivid experience. Every one hour daily on air gave me live. Shoutout to André, Itunu & Lynda, the happy souls who took me in.





THE HOUSE was the name of the programme. Working in the production section gave me a brilliant edge to explore my love for music and my fetish of downloading songs. I used to be on the weekly music updates then. Mo bad gan!



Whoever had an A in Mathematics should help me with the answer of 3 straight months summed up after the month of MARCH. That would be JUNE right?


My diary pages had JUNE to be the sacred month of Ramadan when your spiritual sister Sa’eedah was deep sunken in fasting, intense prayers and vigils for Allah to pave the way.




Quick scroll to the month of JULY when the admin desk of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria training school had me shortlisted for the entrance exams and to the praises of the Almighty i was qualified for the 8weeks Basic Presentation Class. (Its big deal to me cos some peeps did not make it believe me!)




In no time we were in AUGUST already. Mutiat was my twin and my partner in everything for that period. Being roomate with her even after uni days still felt as though youthful. (You dont wna know!)


Introductory modules to phonetics jet-sped into medial law and ethics. Before i could settle into the feeling, another internship programme had come clamouring for me to pursue. My friends and family hear am that time!


The muddy hood of Coker street in Ogba leading to the fine built office of Nigezie tv stuck to my footwear for that period of 2weeks till now that i write. If i hadnt gone there, i wouldnt have the least mmHg of air in my guts to pronounce myself a blogger. Shame on me i was just an ardent hobby writer till i trained there.


I shut my eyes and opened only to find myself in front of the National Mosque Abuja (magically as always) By then it was the first week in OCTOBER. Speedy yea?




You want to hear how it went there with my beautiful family? My Imam daddy and insane younger ones? My snapchat followers can tell the the tale. By the way my handle is Saeedah30th on snapchat (pls follow me – i dey beg).


Waking up to the beauty of the mosque was as alluring as its gracious view at night. Waka waka with my brothers was a drill to remember too.


The rest of the story was a typical abracadabra, a magical chant indeed! Whichever way i got to be glued to my tab, typing in almost the third week of 2017 i cant remember but its only best to thank God for life.


Between, my convocation was in the speedy 2016 too! APRIL to be precise.




You can drop me a quick recap of your 2016 too in the COMMENT BOX. I hope this makes my way of yelling Happy New Year into your ears!




Featured Image:- Google Images




Follow my blog, i always say we would get closer!






Love Always!










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