Who doesn’t ever want to scoop a done sauce – a sweet one at that!
I got my huge glass filled with some iced slush – why wait any minute to down it till the last drop
I am a pretty go getter – my brain is the piercing eye of my beauty
I stun my way to the top of my game
I polish my nails in the escapades of red
I clad my dress scarlet an inch before my kneels
Aint looking back at the filth at the sole of my heels….


…….i am Anika “the booboo kitty”

Booze and pot erect my talents
My temper is a short razor – I slash anything, anybody aside my brothers
The spoon is not only silver – its a gold crest with my name in italics fitted in my mouth
Sweet divas young or old will take me to the Caribbean in paradise
Young, wild and intense don’t describe me enough – I am worth more than million dollars

I am Hakeem!

A spotless white dove on my shoulder is the epitome of my spirit
My voice is pure – my art is serene
I brood no ill thought – I have come in peace
Luxury and fame don’t drive me nowhere
In moma’s tough love is only where I am rugged
I just wanna sing out my sweet soul
But popa curses me homo….


I am Jamal Lyon!



My white wife has got the thighs we mount to the Ace
I am the body, she is the mind
A handsome cock in tuxedo, a sheer mindless guy but my blonde got me on check…
I am power thirsty but not wisdom starved
If only you could see the niche am building with my queen
I study and sweat – don’t ask the dirty nook from where it fuses into brilliant ideas
I do not have the voice – I am not just gangster



I screamed some ooohs and aaahs downtown
Next is three sons hopping all around our crooked living room in the Philadelphia ghetto
I am a thug lover! A hustler
I loved my husband in a way no sane woman would
Hey! I can kill for him!
I saw blood splatter and jail bars
I dealt hard but couldn’t glorify the growing of my wonderful kids
Hell yea! I am Christ like – I sacrificed myself for the firm raised from my family
I took the high leap – I thought I was never going to see my free day
Again! I am Mandela-minded I returned forgiving and wanting better
Shits ain got shii on me buh dude I am sweet like that
I still wriggle through thorns to make my shattered home
I saw my once love sour….
I yet scream and blare! Ain never gon watch my family go down the drain



I am naughty
I am Cookie..!



Call me God I am immortal
Disease could not
Bullets dare never
I am steel and cheese
I kill and kiss
My sons – my dice
My blood – my venom
My secretes’ – my speech
Cookie is my will….


I am Lucious Lyon!

I am black and plummy
I think I know stuffs in the firm….

I am Becky


I tell you that I rather read and write than sit my butts down in front of the tv, but this movie got me unbelievably stuck…
What if i tell you i cant remember what happened in the season II of the movie where i just tiredly stopped keeping up.  Hope I narrated the characters well in my little literati mind as the “Kingdom Com” ???



Photo Source:- Google Images

Love Always


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